Other Partners

Quadros Systems partners with innovative technology companies.

Technology Partners

Real Time LogicReal Time Logic delivers fast, enterprise-level security and web functionality on compact, low-power devices that meets today’s demand for secure, remote management and control. Highly optimized for embedded devices, Real Time Logic’s Barracuda Application Server, Barracuda Web Server and SharkSSL enable developers to incorporate the latest design and security into powerful web-based applications that offer dynamic, rich, user-friendly interfaces. These extremely compact tools power a broad range of remote devices in industrial and building control, military, and medical markets.

Founded in 2006, Real Time Logic is headquartered in Monarch Beach, CA, and has a worldwide distributor network. For more information, visit http://realtimelogic.com.

Icon Labscon Labs partners with Quadros Systems to support device protection, secure access and network management.

Floodgate Packet Filter™ — an embedded firewall providing rules-based filtering, stateful packet inspection and threshold-based filtering for embedded devices. It protects against cyber attacks, denial of service attacks, cyber-sabotage attacks, automated hacking bots, and other Internet-based threats.

Floodgate Defender™ — a compact firewall appliance providing protection for legacy networked industrial devices. It provides instant protection against cyber-attacks from hackers, denial of service attacks, cyber-sabotage attacks, automated hacking bots, and other Internet-based threats.

For more information visit http://iconlabs.com

in-memory databases

McObject provides embedded database technology to meet the unique needs of intelligent, connected devices. Founded by veterans of the database and real-time systems industries, the company has developed eXtremeDB, a small-footprint in-memory database system (IMDS) optimized for use in set-top boxes, communications equipment and other embedded systems. McObject also provides Perst, an open source, object-oriented database for Java and .NET.

eXtremeDB is an ultra-small footprint, in-memory database system (IMDS) designed explicitly for real-time applications and for embedded systems such as set-top boxes, telecom equipment, consumer electronics and other connected gear. The eXtremeDB real-time database minimizes RAM and CPU demands and offers unmatched performance, reliability and development flexibility. Read more at www.mcobject.com/