The Quadros Systems Difference

What sets Quadros Systems apart from just another RTOS supplier?

Not focused on transactions; investing in relationships. At Quadros Systems we take the time to understand your project and the assumptions and requirements behind it. And then we try to match our software to what you need. If we don’t have what you need then we will tell you. Straight up.

Embedded systems development is not for the faint of heart. And it’s not about slinging code. The smallest integration detail or incorrect parameter can take weeks to debug. Getting the right advice at the beginning of your project can be of critical importance.

decisionsA decision matrix is only the beginning

As an engineer you may have been trained to use a decision matrix to make technical decisions but the real story lies behind the checkboxes. While we are delighted to compare the technical capabilities of our products against anyone, an effective comparison involves going beyond the top level features list.

Through a shared exchange of information with our senior engineers you can apply the full advantage of our years of RTOS and embedded systems expertise. You get the information and know-how to make an informed software decision.

Here is a typical process when you engage with us on your next project

  1. You contact us, prepared to discuss your technical requirements. We want to have a meaningful engagement and provide our expertise to help move your project forward. (If your information is privileged we are happy to enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement, as needed.)
  2. We use conference calls and/or web sessions to discuss your project and review your requirements. In some cases we can give immediate guidance, or we might investigate a technical aspect and get back to you. If we can’t help you, we will tell you. Our goal is not to sell you something you don’t want or need. It is to determine if there is a good fit between our software and your requirements.
  3. You might want to evaluate our software. For developers unfamiliar with our RTXC software we can provide 30-day source code evaluations to qualified companies along with a “Getting Started” call to make sure you are comfortable with the development environment. We can generally provide a software evaluation on a development target that is the same as or similar to your choice of hardware. During the course of the evaluation, our expert engineering team is available to answer your technical questions.
  4. Where to next? At the end of the evaluation period we review your experience with the software and, if you are interested, we can begin to discuss commercial terms. We are flexible on licensing and welcome the opportunity to structure one to meet your needs. Common approaches are traditional royalty-free (front-end loaded) or a development-only license with a back-end deployment fee. Other options are also available.

Find out more about our developer-centric approach.

A transactional approach often leads to a hard sell; a developer-centric, relational approach means that we are willing to talk about your project without pressuring you for a purchase. You get our best experience with no obligation to purchase anything.

Call Stephen Martin at +1 832-351-2830 x107 to talk one-on-one or connect with the Quadros Systems sales representative near you. Alternatively you can use our information request form which guides you through some of the details we would need to intelligently discuss your project requirements.