Application Server for IoT

Embedded Application Server

The Embedded Application Server offers a wide range of benefits to developers of embedded systems with similar functionality to larger enterprise application servers. Let your customers take full advantage of modern web client technology including persistent sockets (WebSocket), XML, AJAX and JSON.

Enable Internet of Things or M2M applications with a complete server-side software framework to execute programs, routines, or scripts

Embedded Application Server
  • Embedded security and encryption built in (SSL/TLS)
  • Provides access to server-side logic (server applications)
  • Can be used as a GUI engine for a remote display in which server applications dynamically create the user interface in a browser
  • Includes web server along with an integrated application server framework
  • Complete low-level library including request and response objects for rapid response
  • Support for Lua server pages or C/C++ server pages dramatically shortens development time compared to CGI
  • Dynamic upgrade of applications in a running system without requiring restart of the server
  • Offers a full range of embedded web services, including event handler, secure network file system, secure sockets library, and AJAX, SOAP, JSON, and XML web services.
  • Able to serve thousands of concurrent users
  • Designed for and proven in resource-constrained devices
  • Hooks for SQL Lite