USB 2.0

Embedded USB Host Solutions

The RTXCusb host system has been developed specifically to support the unique requirements of USB host implementation in embedded systems. This powerful solution complies with the USB Implementers Forum requirements for Embedded Hosts.

USB Embedded Host

An Embedded Host has limited system resources compared to a PC-based host and the user cannot install general purpose software or drivers. These Embedded Hosts are configured to work with a predefined set of USB peripheral devices.

  • Full-featured USB Host Stack
  • Support for USB 1.1 and USB 2.0
  • USB Host Class Drivers
    • Mass Storage (MSD)
    • Printer
    • HID (Human Interface Devices, i.e. mouse, keyboard)
    • CDC ACM – Abstract Control Model (V.25ter AT commands)
    • Additional class drivers may be available; ask your sales representative for more information
  • USB Host Controller Driver
    • Support for popular on- and off-chip USB controllers
    • Sample drivers for USB Host Controller built to OHCI, EHCI or UHCI standards

The RTXCusb host system detects the attachment and removal of supported USB devices, manages control and data flow between the host and USB devices, collects status and activity statistics and provides power to attached devices. The RTXCusb Host SDK has been designed to simplify development by abstracting away from the developer all of the packet transmission and data routing inherent in a USB implementation. The simple API makes it easy to implement all of the necessary initialization and callback functions.

The RTXCusb Host system includes a host stack and hub driver (allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple USB devices). The system also includes a device driver for USB host controllers which comply with the USB standards (OHCI-, UHCI- or EHCI). Some controllers deviate from the standard. There are custom drivers available for non-compliant controllers.

We have also implemented class drivers for vendor-specific USB devices. Ask your sales representative for more information. Specific class drivers are required to support desired USB device types so that the USB host can recognize and enumerate these devices when they are attached. Currently available class drivers for the RTXCusb host system include Mass Storage (integrated with our FAT file system), Printer, and Human Interface (HID). New class drivers are continually being developed. Check with your sales representative if you need support for a class not listed above.