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Solutions for ARM-based
Microcontrollers from NXP

support for ARM-based microcontrollers from NXPQuadros Systems has a strong partnership with NXP Semiconductors, providing integrated embedded software for their LPC line of ARM-based microcontrollers. The NXP microcontroller offering combines the highest performance in Flash with the lowest power consumption in the smallest packages. See the full LPC linecard from NXP (NXP web site)

Some of the popular NXP microcontrollers for our customers include: LPC13xx, LPC1768, LPC18xx, LPC4350 (Cortex-M); LPC2378, LPC2387, and LPC2468 (ARM7), and LPC3250 (ARM9).

Quadros Systems supports the LPC family with integrated software solutions for embedded development: development tools, design tools, RTOS, Ethernet-TCP/IP, USB, file systems, graphics libraries, and more.