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Solutions for ARM-based
Microcontrollers from ST Micro

support for STM32 microcontrollers from ST MicroSTM32

The STM32 microcontroller family is based on the breakthrough ARM Cortex™-M cores – developed specifically for embedded applications. The STM32 family benefits from the Cortex-M architectural enhancements including the Thumb-2 instruction set to deliver improved performance with better code density, significantly faster response to interrupts, all combined with industry leading power consumption.

  • The STM32F1xx family
  • The STM32F2xx family
  • The STMF4xx family
  • The STM32F0xx family (in development)
  • The STM32L series of low power microcontrollers


The SPEAr3xx features an ARM926EJ-S 333 MHz core, high-performance 8-channel DMA, and dynamic power-saving features.

The SPEAr600 offers dual 333MHz ARM926EJ-S cores that can support robust general-purpose processing and dedicated real-time processing together. Both processors offer 16 KB of data cache, 16 KB of instruction cache, JTAG and ETM for debug operations.