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Solutions for ARM-based
Microprocessors from Xilinx

The Zynq™-7000 extensible processing platform combines the software programmability of a microprocessor with the hardware programmability of an FPGA. The Zynq-7000 includes ARM® dual-core Cortex™-A9 MPCore processors.

support for ARM-based Zynq hyrbrid MPUs from Xilinx

  • Up to 1GHz
  • Enhanced with NEON Extension and Single & Double Precision Floating point unit
  • 32kB Instruction & 32kB Data L1 Cache
  • Unified 512kB L2 Cache

Support for Zynq 7000 and ZC702 development board

  • Timer initialization
  • UART initialization
  • MMU initialization
  • Interrupt controller setup and initialization
  • Instruction and data cache initialization
  • Advanced support for Vector Floating Point (VFP) and NEON
    • Provides explicit or automatic enabling of VFP register context extensions for tasks that utilize VFP/NEON.
    • Optionally provides support for a reduced VFP/Neon register set that reduces context switch overhead.
    • Utilizes “lazy swapping” method to minimize interrupt latency and context switch overhead for VFP/NEON register sets
    • Provides control of VFP context, e.g. manual suspend plus automatic or manual resume. Fine level control allows application to minimize VFP register context overhead in non-VFP/NEON execution paths. This feature is useful in “mostly” integer-only environments in which tasks rarely need VFP/Neon except in isolated functions. When used in conjunction with lazy swapping, explicit suspend control can be used to improve overall system throughput.