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PowerQUICC and PowerPC

Quadros Systems offers small, fast and efficient real-time operating systems (RTOS), tools and development software for embedded systems using Power processors.

Quadros Systems leverages our long-standing partnerships with Freescale to provide you with a full range of PowerQUICC and PowerPC products. We support a wide variety of applications including automotive, telecom/datacom, industrial control and medical devices.


  • Tracking new developments for in-depth knowledge of Power architecture
  • Charter members of the PowerPC Embedded Application Binary Interface (EABI) Working Group
  • Driver support and BSPs

Supported Microprocessors

Here a some of the popular PowerQUICC II and PowerQUICC III microprocessors supported by the RTXC family of software:

  • MPC8560
  • MPC8309
  • MPC5567
  • MPC8247
  • MPC52xx
  • MPC5531
  • MPC860 and MPC860T

The RTXC Quadros RTOS

      • Intuitive API: more than 250 scalable kernel services
      • Small, scalable footprint to fit any ROM or RAM budget; typically 25 KB or less
      • Delivered in source code
      • Flexible development options with support for multiple scheduling models and policies
      • Deterministic design for hard real time performance
      • Low overhead for maximum responsiveness
      • Graphical configuration program, RTXCgen, for ease of building the exact RTOS configuration for your application
      • RTXC RTOS is delivered in source code with a working project and sample code.