Embedded File Systems

Embedded File Systems

Quadros Systems offers a suite of file systems to meet a variety of embedded systems requirements. From FAT systems for removable media to high performance, fail-safe file systems for resident FLASH memory.


RTXCfatfile is a Windows-compatible file system for removable drives. Two options are available: standard FAT and Fail-safe FAT where the journaling structure prevents loss of data in case of power loss or reset. Supports 12-, 16- and 32-bit file access tables (FATs). Read more...

Fail-Safe FLASH

RTXCflashfile is a high performance, fail-safe file system for embedded systems using integrated flash devices. Supports NAND and NOR flash memory. Wear-leveling and other powerful features. Read moreā€¦


This file translation layer allows an array of NAND flash to be addressed as a set of standard 512 byte logical sectors, thus preparing it to hold a FAT file system. RTXC file translation layer also includes wear leveling and power-safe features. Read more…