RTXCflashfile NAND / NOR
Fail-safe File System

High performance.
Data protected from power failure and reset

RTXCflashfile is a high performance, fail-safe file system for embedded systems using integrated flash devices with no access to complex disc recovery software. RTXCflashfile maintains data integrity to protect your system in case of unexpected reset or power loss. Designed for NAND and NOR flash devices used in embedded systems.

RTXCflashfile uses a standard API that will be familiar to any developer who has file system experience. Applications written for other platforms are portable to RTXCflash file with no modification.

  • Designed for NOR and NAND flash devices, DataFlash and SD cards.
  • Your data is 100% safe from power loss and reset
    • Restores to the previous completed state with no loss of data
  • High performance
    • Designed to make the most efficient use of the underlying flash device(s)
  • Wear leveling
    • Manages flash blocks so as not to over use any one block
  • Write-caching system
    • Stores only the changes to the file descriptor tables in flash, allowing many updates with an absolute minimum of flash chip usage
  • Intelligent flash management
    • Bad flash sectors are automatically isolated
    • Can establish reserved sectors
  • Long filename support
    • Supports file names of almost unlimited length
  • Multiple volumes
    • Each volume must have its own driver routine
  • Multiple simultaneous files open
    • On a single volume or on different volumes
  • ECC algorithms (NAND)
  • ANSI C-compliant C source code provided
  • Graphical analysis tool
    • Assists in weighing design trade-offs between configuration parameters such as sector size, flash page size, and write cache size
  • Easy integration with all standard flash devices; extensive library of drivers
  • Extensive documentation
  • Fully integrated with RTXC Quadros real-time operating system and RTXC Quadnet TCP/IP software