Multicore Solutions

Simplify the design and programming of multicore systems

Multicore hardware offers the promise of improved flexibility and scalability along with increased performance and power efficiency, but moving to multicore raises many questions. How do you migrate your existing application software? How do you handle the complexities of programming multiple cores? Can you use multiple OSes or a combination of bare-metal algorithms and an RTOS?

Quadros Systems, in partnership with PolyCore Software, offers a suite of products, tools and services to make multicore a reality for you. Using our innovative and scalable software technologies, your application can be rapidly multicore-enabled and deployed within a wide range of hardware platforms.

RTXC Quadros multiprocessor RTOS (RTXC/mp) is designed to extend the features of RTXC RTOS to applications with multiple cores or processors—homogeneous or heterogeneous and can support networks of any topology: rings, stars, n-node symmetric, or asymmetric.

Coupled with PolyCore Software’s Poly-Platform™, it provides a multicore runtime platform, helping to reduce complexity and improve time-to-market using the scalable MultiCore API (MCAPI). The combined Poly-Platform/MCAPI and RTXC/mp framework allows you to shift processing loads from overloaded CPUs, MCUs or DSPs to those that are under-utilized.

- Support for combinations of OSes

  • Multiple instances of RTXC
  • RTXC with a GPOS (such as Linux)
  • RTXC plus bare-metal algorithms

- Code protection and isolation

  • Isolate real-time system from a GPOS
  • Isolate safety-critical code from other code

- Standards-based programming interface for multicore and multiprocessing applications

- Readily scale the application from a few to many cores