RTXCusb Software

Complete Development Suite for Embedded USB

RTXCusb is a suite of stacks, class drivers and controller drivers for low-, full-, and high-speed USB implementations in embedded devices. This development solution was specifically developed to support the growing number of embedded developers who want to integrate USB plug-and-play functionality into their products.

Whether you are building a new application or want to quickly and easily add USB connectivity to an existing application, Quadros Systems has a solution for you.

USB Host

The RTXCusb host system has been developed specifically to support the unique requirements of USB host implementation in embedded systems. This powerful solution complies with the USB Implementers Forum requirements for Embedded Hosts. Read more...

USB Device

The RTXCusb device (peripheral) SDK has been designed to simplify the development of USB devices by abstracting away from the developer all of the packet transmission and data routing inherent in a USB implementation. Read more…


The RTXCusb dual role SDK integrates both RTXCusb host and device systems to support the use of OTG controllers in multiple configurations: host only, device only or the dual role functionality, depending on the needs of your application. Read more…