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Helping you build a coherent foundation for your embedded system

If you are like so many developers of embedded systems today, you are incorporating many technologies in addition to the one that is your core competence. You are doing that to support the ever expanding feature list your product needs to stay competitive. But this increasing complexity is not without its risks.

  • How do you manage to get all of the underlying components put together to form the coherent foundation on which you can apply your domain-specific knowledge?
  • Do you take the time to cobble something together and hope that it meets your application’s needs?
  • Does your development team have the expertise to integrate these disparate technologies?
  • Does the time it takes you to reach the critical mass necessary for actual application development impact negatively on your product development schedule? Can you afford that risk?

At Quadros Systems we can help you build and maintain an embedded software foundation with a low risk, time-efficient methodology for configuring and integrating these products.

The end result? Your team can start development sooner and confidently increase system functionality without adding to headcount.

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