Engineering Services

Example Projects

We have decades of experience with a wide range of embedded technology. Here are some examples of the projects we have successfully delivered to our customers:

Communications Drivers for Point-of-Sale Terminal

Developed an ATL library for the connection of a wireless POS terminal to the 1C:Enterprise platform. The project required implementation of HDLC-like frames (RFC1662).

Wi-Fi Chipset Integration

Integrated RedPine Wi-Fi chip into an existing ADI Blackfin-based system. Built SPI driver framework. Added WEP security code. Created dynamic kernel objects. Integrated and tested DHCP thin server. Debugged on customer’s hardware.

Custom Bootloader

Created a bootloader running from SDRAM, including a user-interface via a debug port and host computer terminal application such that individual components could be manually tested through environment commands. The driver included Flash burning capabilities, enabling images temporarily residing in SDRAM to be burned to external Flash memory.  Supported TFTP image download capability.

Driver for MODBUS over Serial

Created a high performance driver for MODBUS protocol over serial (UART). Outgoing data stream guaranteed  an intra-character time of no more than 3.5 character times. Settable UART options included baud rate, number of stop bits, parity and number of data bits.

Driver for USB Cellular Modem

Created custom USB class driver to interface and connect to a commercially available cellular modem on an existing customer platform using eCOS RTOS and RTXCusb host stack.

Hand-held Video Capture Device

Prototyped a system for image acquisition and processing.

Project elements included:

  • H264 real-time encoding
  • Touch screen user interface
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connection
  • Algorithm development
  • Embedded Linux OS