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Arm Processors and Cores

Arm-based microcontrollers and microprocessors are the most popular choices for Quadros Systems customers. The combination of low power, high performance, multiple second source options, well-designed development tools and a large ecosystem make Arm an ideal choice for almost any embedded application. We support microcontrollers and processors from NXP, ST, Atmel, Freescale, TI, Xilinx, and many others. These processors offer a range of on-chip peripherals to support a variety of embedded applications at an attractive price. Quadros Systems has been supplying embedded software for Arm-based systems for more than 15 years and has wide ranging support for almost all of the available cores.

support for ARM cores

      • Cortex-M3
      • Cortex-M4
      • Cortex-R4
      • Cortex-A5
      • Cortex-A7
      • Cortex-A8
      • Cortex-A9
      • ARM7/ARM9/ARM11

The RTXC Quadros RTOS

      • Intuitive API: more than 250 scalable kernel services
      • Small, scalable footprint to fit any ROM or RAM budget; typically 25 KB or less
      • Delivered in source code
      • Flexible development options with support for multiple scheduling models and policies
      • Deterministic design for hard real time performance
      • Low overhead for maximum responsiveness
      • Graphical configuration program, RTXCgen, for ease of building the exact RTOS configuration for your application
      • Flexible licenses starting under $7500
      • RTXC RTOS is delivered in source code with a working project and sample code using IAR EWARM, Atollic TrueSTUDIO, ARM DS-5 or Keil MDK-ARM tools.

Add-on stacks and middleware

          • Ethernet TCP/IP v4/v6
          • USB Host, Device, OTG
          • File Systems
          • Graphics