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The resources section of the website is an information library you can use to learn more about our products and get deeper insight into embedded technology.

Blog Series: RTOS Explained

Learn more about the use and inner workings of a real-time operating system with our informative blog series, RTOS Explained.


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Articles and White Papers

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Real-time Operating System

So you’ve decided your next project could benefit from a real-time operating system. But how do you decide which RTOS to use? Is it cost, features, footprint, gut feel, colleague recommendation or something else? Many developers struggle when evaluating an RTOS decision. On the surface they can look very similar. But there are fundamental differences that you should know about. Request report (PDF)

Introduction to Real-time Operating Systems

Written for developers who are new to commercial, real-time operating systems, this white paper provides an excellent overview of the principles and structures of a real-time operating system. Covers topics such as deterministic performance, hard and soft real time, preemption, multitasking, scheduling models and latency. Defines common terminology.

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Understanding TCP/IP

TCP/IP-Ethernet is the ubiquitous standard for communications in both local area networks and the world wide web. This 10-page tutorial provides a good introduction to the concepts used in client-server networking.

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Security for Embedded Devices

This white paper provides a top-level overview of embedded device security threats and strategies to protect these devices from threats. Request white paper (PDF).